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Salt Lake City's #1 Pawn Shop!

Main StoreSince 1995 Crown Jewelers & Pawn has provided the highest standard of integrity, quality, value and service in the pawn business. As a customer you are the most important part of our business. We promise to continue serving you with excellence by leading the Utah Pawn industry in innovative customer-oriented services. Crown Jewelers & Pawn is one of Salt Lake City’s largest pawnshops. We are one of the biggest pawn shops in Utah as well.

As part of our on going effort to be the leader in the Salt Lake City pawn industry, we are committed to be the best place for all your money needs. We have been serving customers in Salt Lake Valley for over 16 years. In today’s society, many people depend on pawnbrokers to help them meet daily financial needs. Our pawn customers represent the working families of Salt Lake City and County that who periodically experience an unexpected need for short-term funds.

Pawn loans keep the electricity on, the rent paid and cars running with full tanks of gas. Crown Jewelers & Pawn for 16 years has been growing due to our constant work to enhance the customer experience. Come and see us.

Our pawnshop welcomes anyone and we will offer superior customer service. Crown Jewelers & Pawn offers collateral loans for surprisingly low interest rates. We specialize in short-term small loans. Crown Jewelers & Pawn offers this type of deal because you the customer offers personally owned property as collateral, which significantly reduces the risk for us. When the customer pays the loan back, the property is returned.

Here at our store over 85% of all collateral property is re-claimed by it’s original owner. Here at Crown Jewelers & Pawn we will lend larger amounts of money for more flexible periods of time at lower cost.

Secured short-term loans from Crown Pawn are highly regulated, and all the terms of business are clearly stated in a government-regulated contract. So, if you are looking for a secured short-term loan and don’t qualify for a loan from your bank or credit union come check out what Crown Pawn has to offer!


Crown Jewelers and Pawn was established in 1995 by Mike Katsanevas.  For the last 16 years Mike has built thousands of relationships built on trust with the Salt Lake Community.   Crown Jewelers and Pawn is committed to helping as many people as possible and continuing the pawn process to make your experience one to remember.

The history of pawnbroking began in the earliest ages of the world. Lending money on portable security is one of the oldest professions.  Pawnbroking is not a new practice nor does it appeal to just one social class.  As humankind’s oldest financial institution, pawn loans can be traced back at least 3,000 years to ancient China as well as early Greek and Roman civilizations. During the 14th Century, King Edward III of England is said to have frequented pawn stores in Europe. Queen Isabella is reported to have pawned her royal jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World.

Traditionally, the pawnbroker’s symbol is three gold spheres hanging from a bar. This stems from St. Nicholas, often referred to as the patron saint of pawnbroking. He is reported to have left three bags of gold so the daughters of a poor man could afford to marry, thus saving them from a life of slavery or prostitution. Later the tradition transformed the bags into three gold balls, which became the symbol of pawnbrokers.

Regulation & Compliance:

Crown Pawn is governed by all of the major federal laws that apply to other entities designated as financial institutions, including:

  • USA Patriot Act
  • Truth-in-Lending Act
  • Bank Secrecy Act and IRS regulations requiring reporting of certain cash transactions
  • Federal Red Flag Rule Regulations
  • Privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act
  • State and Local Laws